“109 Cinemas Premium” is a new brand of 109 Cinemas, which has theaters across Japan. This theater provides guests with the best movie-viewing environment, shattering their previous conception of movie theaters, and it slowly brings them into the worlds of the movies they watch there.
People who come to Kabukicho can also experience various other types of entertainment, in addition to this theater.


A premium theater with a lounge,
where you can relax until your movie starts,
as well as special seats and high-spec
projection and audio equipment

: 9F~10F
Number of screens
: 8
Number of seats
: 752
Additional facilities
: Guest lounge/cinema shop
- 10

Various types of entertainment

Each theater, equipped with a stage in front of the screen, lighting, audio, and broadcasting equipment, provide various types of shows, not just movies.
Theater 6 has a screen at the front but also uses ”ScreenX”, a multi-projection film system that also displays images on the screens on the left and right sides.
In addition to the latest movies, the cinema has a wide-ranging lineup that also includes videos of live performances by popular artists.

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109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku

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