TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER (hereinafter, “the Site”) is operated by Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Recreation Co, Ltd. (hereinafter, “The Companies”). Users are advised to use the Site upon agreeing to the precautions of use listed below. Moreover, the Companies assume that use of the Site by a user means that the user agrees to the precautions of use.

1. Device Environment for Viewing the Site

It is recommended that you view the site in one of the following environments. If you view the site in a browser that is not recommended below, please be aware that some of the site contents may not display properly.

(1) Recommended Browsers

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Smartphone users: The latest default browser of iOS or Android

(2) Plug-ins

Adobe Reader(
To view PDF files, you will need to use Adobe Reader (free software) distributed by Adobe Systems. Installing the software will allow you to view, print, and perform other operations on PDF files.

(3) JavaScript

The Site uses JavaScript to make the site easier for visitors to use. The site has been designed so that it can still be used in environments in which JavaScript is not supported and in cases in which it has been disabled. However, disabling JavaScript may cause pages to display in an unexpected manner.

2. About the Information Published on This Site

The Companies are extremely careful and thorough about the information that is published on the Site. However, all the information published on the website is current as of the time of publishing. Therefore, after information has been published to the Site, some of the information may no longer be current due to factors such as revision or abolition of names/content without notice or due to the information being outdated. Also, please be aware that the Companies may modify, discontinue, or withdraw information published on the Site without notice.

3. Copyrights, Etc.

All content on the Site, such as textual information, images, etc. are protected by copyright laws and other laws. Usage of any such content outside of personal use or beyond the legally permissible scope without the prior approval of the Companies (such as duplication, modification, sale, upload to another website, publication on the web or to another media format, licensing, publishing in printed format, distributing, or transmitting to an unspecified number of individuals) is prohibited.
Also, facility names, names of the Companies, names of group companies of the Companies, service marks (logo marks), etc. are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Companies or their group companies. Other proper nouns listed on the site, such as product names, are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Unauthorized use of such trademarks is prohibited without the permission of the respective trademark rights holder.

4. Sites Linked from the Site

The contents of third-party websites other than those of the Site (hereinafter, “Linked Sites”) are managed under the responsibility of the respective third parties, and they are not managed by the Companies. Please use Linked Sites according to the terms of use stipulated by the Linked Sites. The Companies shall bear no responsibilities whatsoever for any damages that may occur due to your use of Linked Sites. Moreover, the Companies may post links to SNS services on separate sites, such as Facebook, and the precautions for use for each of those Linked Sites are established and published by the respective sites. Please make sure to read such notices before using any of those sites.

5. Links to the Site

(1) Links to the Site from sites containing any of the following types of content are prohibited.

Content created with the intent to defame or harm the reputation of the Companies or any third party
Content created with the intent to infringe upon the intellectual property rights, such as the copyrights or trademark rights, of the Companies or a third party
Content created for the purpose of commercial transactions, such as by linking to the Site and displaying the contents of the Site
Content that violates public order and morality and inappropriate content, such as adult content

(2) Links to the Site do not require any special procedures or the like. However, links to the Site, in principle, shall be as follows.

Please be aware that links to pages other than the front page of the TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER site may be deleted without notice due to factors such as changes in the site structure or server configuration or may link to old information. In such cases, the link text will be displayed as “TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER” with the above URL. Moreover, direct display of the Site from a site linking to the site (embedding a link to the Site within a specific frame in the linking site) may confuse users, so such actions are prohibited.

6. Disclaimers, Etc.

Information is carefully examined and considered before it is published to the Site. However, the Companies, in no way, guarantee the usefulness, accuracy, safety (such as the occurrence of errors, etc.; correct operation of functions; corrections in the event of an issue; infection of the Site or server by a computer virus or other harmful software) of such information when it is used by users.

7.User Inquiries by E-mail

The Site may not accept e-mails from users regarding Internet defects or incidents in some cases and shall bear no responsibilities whatsoever for any damages that the user experiences as a result thereof. Also, the copyrights of e-mails sent by the Companies in response to user inquiries shall belong to the Companies. Unauthorized printing of e-mail messages or transfer to another website are prohibited.

8. Legal Compliance, Etc.

Interpretation, application, etc. of the use of the Site, published information, and the conditions of use shall, where no specific notices exist, be in accordance with the laws of Japan. Also, in the event of any conflicts concerning use of the Site, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.